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Facts and Perspectives

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Facts and Perspective


Couples and Conflict

Posted on March 17, 2019 at 2:20 AM Comments comments (47)
Couples and Conflict

Hello Everyone!

I know it's been awhile.  Life seems to speed up the older I get!  Before you know it another year has almost pasted!  Things you say you'll get to tomorrow, turns into weeks.  Weeks turn to months and months years...

So We have to focus more on the things that drive us and motivate us to be our best self.  I lost sight of that with day-to-day business but resolve to do better going forward!  Thank you to the people who still believe in me!

I want to address the issue of conflict and couples.  I'll admit, my marriage was pretty easy in a lot of ways.  I didn't have a lot of pushback from my ex. He just went along with the flow.  But in the end it's what drove a wedge between us. I wanted someone who would call me out on stuff.  I mean no one can be right ALL the time.  But he wouldn't.  Which led to apathy and a general non-caring attitude.  However my current relationship is the complete opposite.  It can be hard to adjust to but I like it more because I feel more cared for. It's similar to a parent setting boundaries for a child.  If a child can do whatever they wish, that means they are really all alone and not cared for because they are in control, not cared for by someone.  I think a relationship between two partners is much the same. 

I admit it can get frustrating at times if there is miscommunication but its a sign of caring if someone you love has the guts to say hey, your only fooling yourself!  I love my partner dearly! He calls me out and builds me up! The balance is crucial!  

So show that someone you care about you love them, call them out if they are lying to nobody but themselves, but balance it with an equal measure of building them up with gratitude and appreciation!

Balance and honesty are key!


Sunday Funday?

Posted on April 29, 2018 at 3:51 PM Comments comments (37)
Happy Sunday!  But are Sunday's always fundays?  I find a lot of my worse days are actually on Sunday.  I got to thinking why that would be.  Then it dawned on me, Sunday is a spiritual day.  Whether you are active in a religious establishment or not, there is something spiritual about the birth of a new week.  It brings with it a new start, the chance to start fresh, do better.
But it also makes us reflective.  We think about what we're going through in our life, good or bad, and we want desperately to explain it.  If  things are going well, we usually try to take the credit ourselves.  But if things look bleak, well, there is probably a Higher Being at work.  We want to blame it for all the misfortune we experience.  Then we get really deep and start pondering questions like, "Why are we here at all?"  or "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
questions with no simple or easy answer.  But there is one truth, no matter what god or higher power you serve or if you serve no god at all, " It's never right, to do wrong, to do right, always just do the right thing and you'll never be wrong."  My momma told me that ever since I can remember.  It's never led me down a wrong path.
So when you get down on this day of the week or any other, just remember to keep on doing the right thing. It may be hard at the time, but it will work out in the end.


More writing to come, check in tomorrow!


Posted on April 28, 2018 at 10:18 AM Comments comments (16)
Happy Saturday Everyone!  I hope you are enjoying a lazy morning like me before chaos ensues.  It's that calm before the storm when you start running here and there to accomplish all the things we don't have time to do the rest of the week!  And then there are some who work on Saturday just like every other day of the week, to you, my hat is tipped and I admire your endurance to go forward as the rest of the world rests. But we each have our own station in life and cross to carry. We each have our own responsibilities and demands. So I raise my cup of coffee to each of us, and may each of us fulfil our roles with grace, dignity, and positive influence on the world around us.

March, 2018

How do you live after you fall in love?
How do you breath after you drown in someone's arms?
How do you move when they stop you in your tracks?
How do you become whole again once you give yourself away?
You don't.

Your life is not your own any more.
Your breath is gone.
Every step you take, you carry them with you.
You never get back that which you freely gave away.

Can you be happy if they are not with you any more?
Can you come back to the surface and breath new air?
Can you move forward in life when they are no longer by your side?
Can you ever be whole again?

In our life, we give pieces of ourselves away. Everyday. We can't take those pieces back. It's how we make the world better, or worse; but they are irretrievable once we leave them behind.

Everyday we receive pieces of others into our own life. Some good, others bad. They make us who we are. They mold, shape, and frame our life. They transform the pieces of ourselves we give away in the future to others. This is everyone's impact and legacy they leave behind.

Sometimes, we exchange good parts of ourselves for the bad in others. Sometimes vice versa. And sometimes it's an even trade, good for good, bad for bad.

We must guard against taking in the bad of others. We cannot transform it into something good. We will give bad away to another. This is toxic. If we take in too much bad, then we ourselves become toxic.


New Address

Posted on October 12, 2013 at 10:07 PM Comments comments (19)
****UPDATE******  We've Moved!!!!  Please note our new mailing address.  The phone number and business hours are still the same. The new address is 2052 Switzerland Ave. Plano, TX  75025